Our Team

Executive Director, Director of Nursing– Maura Vince-Cruz, RN
Email Maura at: Maura.Vince-Cruz@rhf.org

Assistant Director of Nursing – Rokiyah Mustafa, LPN
Email Rokiyah at: Rokiyah.Mustafa@rhf.org

Business Office Director– Maria “Maloy” Bonifacio
Email Maloy at: Maria.Bonifacio@rhf.org

Environmental Service Director – Open Position
Email Environmental Service Director at:  Maura.Vince-Cruz@rhf.org

Activities Director – Phillip Burek
Email Activities at: Philip.Burek@rhf.org

Marketing/Admissions: Pritika Mala
Email Marketing/Admissions at: Pritika.Mala@rhf.org

Food Service Director (Unidine)  – Brian Hames
Email Brian at: BHames@unidine.com